Starting New with Newland

starting-new-with-newlandAs native Texans, Jeff and Abby Williford knew the Lone Star state was the place they wanted to raise their two boys Callum (4) and Briggs (2) and two basset hounds Monty and May. The question was, where? After Jeff and Abby met at Texas A&M University and decided to get married, the search for a forever home was on!

The couple started with the agreement on a city – Austin – the perfect location between Katy and San Antonio where Jeff and Abby grew up, respectively. Jeff really enjoyed the hometown feel of Cinco Ranch, the Katy neighborhood he’s from, which is a master-planned community developed by Newland Communities. So he started his research with Newland, which led him to Teravista, which them led them to visit the neighborhood, and the rest is history! Like many of us, they fell in love with the beautiful landscaping, green spaces, parks, pools and walking trails. It wasn’t long before the WIllifords found a beautiful house near Teravista Elementary School that would adapt to the needs of their growing family.

“But the best thing about Teravista is the people, we love our neighbors!  A familiar sense of home got us here, and great friends living right next door have kept us here,” says Abby.

Over the last several years, the Willifords have formed some fantastic relationships with their neighbors.  Every year for National Night Out the family has hosted get-togethers in their driveway, which included grilling hot dogs and making s’mores.  At first, only a few families showed, but for the last couple of years the turnout has greatly increased to 30-40 neighbors! “It’s great to get to know people around you, people from completely different backgrounds from yours.  We have neighbors from all over Texas, California, and as far away as South Korea and India,” Abby continues.

You may recognize the Willifords from last November’s Featured Family mention of the “KingBushFord” friendship. The Kings, Bushes and Willifords do life together by sharing meals together, enjoying vacations and sports events together and the ladies even trained for an Olympic-distance triathlon together!

What neighborhood friendships will you be forming this year?


Jason Taylor, Realty Austin REALTOR®, is a Teravista resident and avid supporter of his community.  Together with his team, Jason publishes the popular neighborhood newsletter Teravista Today.  His strong communication skills and award-winning customer service combined with a deep knowledge of local real estate has helped him establish an exceptional professional reputation. Read more about Jason.



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